Monday, December 30, 2013

Kitchen Pullout

This project is also from Pinterest (shocker). I wanted to maximize space and storage. I'm hoping one day to have a place for my kitchen-aid mixer. It hasn't happened yet but a girl can dream. As for the project, I would say painting was the most time consuming. What can I say, I married a perfectionist. This was a great learner project for me. Vocabulary words include casters and dowels. Look those ups.

Cleverly hidden between my fridge and wall... some pretty amazing storage!
Kudos to Matt for going all out with the chevron.

I was in charge of choosing the shelf sizes. I wanted a shelf for soup, and a shelf for homemade jams and sauces. 

The other shelves are used to hold awkward things like water bottles, coffee mugs, and pizza pans.

I also used some leftover paint for these boxes, which now store cocoa and tea.

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