Monday, December 30, 2013

Garage Shelving

The project I am most happy with was also one of the quickest major projects. I decided I wanted shelving in the garage. Matt suggested bolting something to the well, but I wanted something we can take with us when we move. Friday morning I sent him plans and by Sunday evening the impala was parked in the garage. Talk about turn around!

Matt using his new drill. The plans said we would spend about $50 for lumber... we spent over $100. I guess we went for quality? And size. 

The finished product! Room for Christmas decorations, college textbooks, decoys and a duck blind.

Room for the "summer tires"

Take note Matt has more book space than I do, and I have an additional degree. Why is that? Hoarding tendencies. How an OCD gal and and almost hoarder got together I will never know.  

We hung Matt's old snowboard from the ceiling with $0.99 hooks from Walmart.

Still have room for boxes and empty tubs. 

Fishing rods mounted on the walls. That was Salvin's idea. 

This project was really hard on Ponzi. Obviously. 

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