Monday, December 30, 2013

Kitchen Command Center

Another project was a kitchen command center. These are all over Pinterest and anything to make life a little more organized I approve of. A shout-out of thanks goes to Matt's parents for buying the supplies for this project as a birthday gift.

As for a breakdown: There is a monthly calendar, a bulletin board, a mail box, a coupon box, and a box for my recipe binder. 
The calendar (with a special spot for meal planning) and a handy container for pens, a notepad and gift cards. There is also a small knife in there in case I need to stab anyone, wait I mean open mail. 


Coupons! Everyone loves coupons.
Recipe box. 
How cute is this binder? I love being able to flip through this and find some of my favorite recipes. Its also a great place to store all those random recipes Matt prints out only to leave thrown about the apartment. 

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