Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Becoming an Iowan

Today, I became an Iowan. And by that I mean I got my Iowa driver's license. Let me tell you it was no an easy feat! I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. In North Dakota, you make an appointment, in and out in under 10 minutes. How hard can it be?

I looked up where I needed to go. The closet location was in Ankeny. 15 miles and 20 minutes away. Longer than I would like, but hey, I only have to do it once right? Wrong. Monday I show up. Pretty empty parking lot. This impresses me. Once I get inside i'm told that they aren't open Monday's. Ohhhh. In all my times researching their website that never showed up once. 

Show up Tuesday. The line is almost out the door. I check the sign. The wait is 153 minutes. Yes I typed that right, OVER two hours. Yeah, I don't think so. Decide I will come back first thing tomorrow. 

Show up Wednesday morning at 7:25. This is an hour and five minutes before they open. I had thought they open at 8 but i'm glad I showed up when I did because even then there was 18 people in line. I'm not even exaggerating. Good thing I brought a book to read. 

I told myself that if I didn't have all the correct paperwork, I would go home for the day and call it quits. This SO was not worth my time. Thankfully I did and I was in my car at 9:25. In case you aren't good at math, that is two whole hours at the DMV. I casually mentioned to one of the workers the set up in NoDak with appointments. He laughed and said they didn't have funding. This location serves 500,000 people. 

Let's hope I don't have to do that EVER again. I wish Matt good luck.

P.S. Matt and I both didn't get deer tags this season. Looks like we won't be home in November after all. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moved On

Guess what? My pink couch has moved to Iowa!

This past spring I accepted a job at John Deere Financial in Johnston, Iowa. Over the past couple of days the family has been helping me move. Lynnell, Salvin, and Grandma Sandy helped Matt and I load the truck. Perry drove the U-haul to Iowa (he had some hearing loss along the way). Phil, Sue, Perry and Greta helped us unload. Unloading was definitely more work since I now live on the second floor. It is "technically" a condo. I say technically because to me it looks just like any other apartment. What's different is that we have our own central air system and water heater. There are also other buildings in the area which you can buy instead of rent.

So how about a tour? Don't mind the mess. I'm not totally unpacked yet.

Can't wait to put stuff on the walls!

The kitchen is actually WAY smaller than the kitchen in Fargo. According to Matt the cabinets are 6 inches smaller. We also only have 2 drawers. I had to get a little creative with the organizing.
It is also my first experience with stainless steel. I had to go out and buy some special cleaner.

The office... and it will be Ponzi's room when I'm at work.

Guest bedroom. Probably will have to move the bed around a bit. Its a little weird to be laying in bed and your pillow hits the blinds.

This shower curtain was a wedding/shower gift.

Guest bathroom. Can't wait to hang stuff on these walls too. The bathroom is also a fair amount smaller than the old place too.

Master bedroom. Matt attached the headboard to the bed frame this weekend. Previously it was attached to the wall. Not exactly apartment friendly.

Master bathroom.

Ponzi is adjusting pretty well. Not a huge fan of the stairs. He likes to bark at the neighbors. Whenever we let him out of the crate he runs around to see what else has changed.

Can't wait to see what the future holds for this place. Anyone want a skype tour and chat soon? :)